Partner Progam

Metering companies Partner Program has a team of over 50 developers. We work closely with metering companies as our offering aligns very closely to the edge of metering companies service offerings. Maybe you offer metering, AMI and AMR, Meter readings and some analytics but have no Billing, CRM, and Payments to round out your offering. This is where we fit in !
Become an partner and enjoy the benefits of a full suite of billing and CRM products. Your customers will benefit from a variety of automation we can include in your environment. This is important as it minimises data double entry, streamlines workflow, and minimises revenue leakage as well as delinquent accounts

Our Services Types


Billing Electricity direct from the meter or from MDMS or data logger


Automated Billing, Meter reading iPad App and comprehensive reporting


All things internet, provisioning, usage profiles, activations and Reporting


Cloud billing, APIs to VMware and Coretex

Smart Meters

Activate/De-activate, Remote read, various billing


Traditional reporting and API data exports


Radius integration or just simple IP pipes we bill & Provision


Security Camera integration to your customer portal – very cool


If you have STS integration we can cater for STS payments , with your PRISM box or ours


Recurring in advance charges and usage in arrears billing

other reasons to partner with us

Our framework has been designed to enable you to add services, regardless of what they are… We have three key screens that are considered. They are, the service activation screen, the service modification screen and the plan setup and management screen, we invest heavily in innovation and as a result you won’t be left behind with a platform that looks like it was built in the 70’s

Everyone needs API access these days, so we have produced a comprehensive API offering, which is built upon in each of our quarterly releases. Customers have used our API for integrations like Salesforce, Sugar, Payment IVRs, Outbound auto diallers, Incoming Screen pops, third party printers and more. When you sign up you receive access to our API and our 60+ page Reference guide.

So as a billing house you may want to know about our bill presentation capabilities. We have very flexible billing services and provide a combination of self service for you to select what each of your customers might see on their bill, be it summary only, specific itemisation, complete itemisation, departmentalisation can all be done by you. Some more tricky configurations of Bill format we look after for you to ensure your customers always receive a crisp fresh and beautiful bill. Our bills are HTML and WYSIWYG so designing hot looking bills is a dream.

Electricity Billing software is Intuitive Super fast and incredibly