Electricity Billing Software Solution

It’s time to put yourself ahead of your competitors. Provide your customers with beautiful invoices that feature crisp usage graphs and a customer portal that lets them manage their account and pay their bill online. Our platform scales as you grow, with flexible pricing that’s completely free for the first 60 days. Our 50 strong development team are on standby to add any new feeds or MDMS integrations you may require.

Our Electricity Service

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We hold all data for your customer in one convenient                                                   location online – available via any internet connected device

TOU Tariffs

We have every method of billing you can imagine, so your covered now and in the future as you change your offer

Payment Integration

All your customer account balances are managed in realtime, no need to update multiple systems or take manual payments

Flexible Bill Formats

Bills can be customised very quickly to meet the regulatory requirements of your specific service area, in your colours and theme

Smart Meter Integration

we can talk to your smart meters, your MDMS provider and data loggers, or good old CSV, TXT usage files – or use our iPad App


It’s imperative you know how your business is tracking. We provide automated reports for Accounts, Management and more

Data storage

As the Time of Use data collection becomes more of a DATA problem, you can depend on Utilibill to scale your usage records


Utilibill’s Security model ensures your customers data and your information are kept secure


We take the worry of backup away and provide this as an integrated service in our offering

Free Trial

We’re convinced you’ll only need to try our platform to convert like so many others

Customer Portal

Let your customer manage themselves with our feature rich integrated customer portal


We import a wide array of feed files, NEM12, NEM13 and other MDMS generated TXT, CSV

Utilibill Framework has been designed to enable you to add services, regardless of what they are.. We have three key screens that are considered. They are, the service activation screen, The service modification screen and the Plan setup and management screen

Everyone needs API access these days, so we have produced a comprehensive API offering, which is built upon in each of our quarterly releases. Customers have used our API for integrations like Salesforce, Sugar, Payment IVRs, Outbound auto diallers, Incoming Screen pops, third party printers and more. When you sign up you receive access to our API and our 60+ page Reference guide.

So as a billing house you may want to know about our bill presentation capabilities. We have very flexible billing services and provide a combination of self service for you to select what each of your customers might see on their bill, be it summary only, specific itemisation, complete itemisation, departmentalisation can all be done by you. Some more tricky configurations of Bill format we look after for you to ensure your customers always receive a crisp fresh and beautiful bill..

All your caravan park electricity billing needs in one Utilibill bundle – pre-paid and post paid service delivery online and available over the web.

All your Real Estate billing including electricity, gas, water, body corporate fees in one simple Utilibill bundle – pre-paid and post paid service delivery online and available over the web.

Utilibill bundle a complete REIT (Real estate investment Property Trust) services – pre-paid and post paid service delivery online and available over the web.

Water Providers use Utilibill to manage operational and business support process including meter management, work orders, billing, provisoning and payments.

All your electricity billing needs in one Utilibill bundle – goto our electricity category.

Electricity Rating Methods

Rapid Setup

Our utility billing platform enables you to manage your electricity customers from one online platform. Setup your account and bill your customers in 3 easy steps:

1) Import your customers, meters, and reading in CSV format

2) Set up your rate plans

3) Run the bills and send off the invoices with the click of a button.

Getting started really is that easy. Don’t take our word for it, try it out for yourself for FREE with our 30 day trial.

Utilibill isSuper fast and incredibly Flexible

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