Our Billing Platform Features

Customer Self Signup

Let your customers activate their own services.


Manage all customer interactions from one location.


Snapshot of your company performance at any given time.

Notification Engine

Automate notifications to your customers with SMS, Email or Voice recordings

Scheduler Engine

Utilise the scheduler engine to automate manual tasks like collecting usage records

UDR Generator

Generate usage records for third parties as needed


Manage all your Meters, Routers, Handsets and PBX units in one location

Custom Portal

provide your customers direct access to pay, view and manage their billing


Take advantage of our APIs for deeper 3rd party integration


Automate the Pay by phone process with our integrated IVR


Wholesalers choose us for our aggregation capabilities

Multi Brand ,Multi Tier

Run multiple white label providers or provide “enabler services”

and much more…

Water Providers use Utilibill to manage operational and business support process including meter management, work orders, billing, provisoning and payments.

All your electricity billing needs in one Utilibill bundle – go to our electricity category.

Select Utilibill for any of your shopping centre billing needs, We can automatically manage your tenancies and the move in move out processes all online, plus we will export to your accounting package.

All your caravan park electricity billing needs in one Utilibill bundle – pre-paid and post paid service delivery online and available over the web.

All your Real estate billing including electricity, gas, water, body corporate fees in one simple Utilibill bundle – pre-paid and post paid service delivery online and available over the web.

Utilibill bundle a complete REIT (Real estate investment Property Trust) services – pre-paid and post paid service delivery online and available over the web.

Utilibill Customer Details Overview Screen

Services billing Integration

Utilibill have a team dedicated to adding new service types and service provisioning integration. The benefit of automated provisioning is minimising data double entry, streamlining workflow, minimising revenue leakage and delinquent accounts

Our Services Types


Billing Electricity direct from the meter or from MDMS or data logger


Automated Billing, Meter reading iPad App and comprehensive reporting


All things internet, provisioning, usage profiles, activations and Reporting


Cloud billing, APIs to VMware and Coretex

Smart Meters

Activate/De-activate, Remote read, various billing


Traditional or Hosted we are all over it, with integration


Radius integration or just simple IP pipes we bill & Provision


Security Camera integration to your customer portal – very cool


OTT play for Network providers with monthly charging


Recurring in advance charges and usage in arrears billing

and much more…

The Utilibill Framework has been designed to enable you to add services, regardless of what they are… We have three key screens that are considered. They are, the service activation screen, the service modification screen and the plan setup and management screen

Electricity Billing software is Intuitive Super fast and incredibly

Utilibill Billing Operator Default Dashboard Screen