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Who We Are

We are a highly motivated team of high achievers, hardcore (sometimes nerdy) programmers and technology experts. We come from all walks of life and our offices in Australia and the Philippines are filled with diversity. We love coming to work and enjoy bringing value to our customers on our market leading platform. There is so much more that we have on our roadmap and we look forward to delivering a suite of new product features and benefits in 2015. The technology aspect of our business is reflected in our day to day lives and if we are honest, some of us spend too much time in the office. It’s in our culture to aim for work life balance, enjoying ping pong as well as other entertainment in our different locations.

We are hiring. We have offices in Australia and the Philippines and look forward to opening points of presence in South Africa and Canada in 2014. Our Electricity & Water Billing is fast becoming recognised across the industry for its seamless integration, its hands off customer on boarding and deep integration into payment gateways and banks. Recently we launched our partner program enabling value added resellers, meter manufacturers and utilities solutions providers and embedded network specialists, the ability to partner with us in delivering the highest quality service to your most valued customer base. If you are interested in becoming an electricity billing partner, please go to our Billing Partner page.