Electricity billing Software UI3 Release

Electricity billing Software UI3 Release

After a solid 9 months in the development buildings Utilibill have been quietly working away at releasing what we are touting as a game changing Utilities billing platform.

Unlike anything in the space today, Utilibill’s UI3 is a lightweight version of the highly configurable Utilibill Version 5 platform.

After nearly 8 years of providing highly customised software to each customer Utilibill have released a new platform which has been heavily stripped. We’ve bought this system back to basics. We have a very clear vision in sight. Deliver a small , lightweight, feature rich platform which answers the needs of 90% of utilities that play in consumer, corporate and government.

When you examine the wide array of offerings in the OSS and BSS space, you will find platforms that are over 20 years old, some still based on DOS believe it.. You will find many installations that are client Server and require software to be installed on each users workstation.. With the advent of Cloud you will find internet based offerings which are usually just ports of old ACCESS, SQL, Informix, MySQL and other database backed platforms. They present a customer facing website but ultimately require lots of manual configuration in the back end to power them up and fire off your first live bill run.

Utilibills Electricity Billing Software platform (UI3) brings another wave of innovation to the Utilities billing space.

Customers can hit the website, sign on with minimal information and be launched into the latest and we think greatest billing platform in todays market. It will be our foundation for the following 12 quarterly releases.

The amazing thing about our platform is we have taken away the need for manual intervention to complete the setup process, we have defined our print, bank, merchant partners and enable you to log in, setup key items on your bill format, import your customer base, import your meters, upload your rates and meter readings and simply start billing. It is that easy..

Addressing the water, electricity and cloud markets in particular we are already seeing a splash in the market place as potential customers looking for a change have started hovering to see the new offering.

1st of May is the official launch date and we have a number of customers trialling the service today. To date the feedback has been fantastic.

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