Release 6.0.136 now deployed to testing environments

Release 6.0.136 is now deployed to testing environments.


  • Security Deposit Interest calculates interest on the security deposit based on a set rate.

  • A new HTML template has been created for Reminders.
  • Added support for scheduled retrieval of reads for Elvaco meters.
  • Latitude and Longitude fields are now enabled in the meter service page.

  • By default a user will now have admin level access when created. Changing access levels will also now be saved automatically without the need for a confirmation popup.
  • It is now possible to apply the invoice and billing option group settings via new customer screen during move out and transfer operation.
  • Updated the usage calculation for demand reads in US environments. It will no longer be multiplied by number of days.
  • Added a new option under Admin -> Billing options for the customer to link rollup descriptions to General Ledger codes. For use in exporting to accounting software.
  • Upgraded Dashboard to use AJAX calls for faster page loading and better user experience.
  • Added support for conversion factor for gas meters:
    – new field in Add and Edit gas meter pages with default value of 1.00
    – conversion factor is a new required field in gas meter number imports.

  • Created a new report Security Deposit Summary with the following columns: Customer No., Alternative Customer No., Tariff, Customer Name, Deposit Amount Received, Date Deposit Last Received, Date Last Interest Paid.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated invoice to display correct barcode value in the downloaded PDF.
  • Additional enhancements in security implemented as a result of the recent security audit.
  • Updated invoice retrieval process to set correct values for the tags Previous Reading, Current Reading, and Total Usage for the invoice template.
  • Removed error message from Charges page in the Customer Portal.
  • Updated display of Admin UI SMTP Server Setup to display User Authentication, Connection Security, and Send test email.
  • Security Deposit report is updated to display Company Name if it exists, instead of Customer Name. Also set Customer Name order to be displayed as Firstname Lastname.
  • Free Trial toggle is now set by default to ‘No’ and no longer editable.
  • Updated Admin -> Edit Group to enable the toggle for the account transfer settings.
  • Updated Send Test Email function to display specific error message to explain the cause of error.
  • Removed direct debit-related messages in the invoice for customers who do not have direct debit set up.
  • Updated validation in Meter page to allow more decimal places as needed for fields like K Factor, High Reading, etc.