Release 6.0.135 now deployed to testing environments

Release 6.0.135 is now deployed to testing environments.


  • Provider free trial sign-up process to Utilibill system is now improved:
    • Activation link is now sent via email
    • New reCaptcha is implemented.
  • Customer Portal updates and improvement:

  •  (continued from above)
    • a new, redesigned UI
    • enable/disable option for new customer to sign up for an account
    • customers can now reset their password
    • configuration options added for company header URL and sign up URL
    • current customers can register their existing account for online access.

  • New sign-up page integration to automatically send leads to Zoho.
  • Editing of billed reads can now be enabled or disabled via the backend support.
  • Banking details section added to Customer Details – predominantly for US customers.

Bug fixes & Enhancements

  • Group name maximum has been extended to 60 characters.
  • Removed an error when exporting negative numbers for Neptune Meter Data Export.
  • Updated processing to enable customer with large data for invoices(due to multiple meters/multiple meters with unpaid balance) to email invoice PDFs.
  • PREPAID: In Manage Token box, we have updated Print Token modal to show the image logo when clicking Reprint button.
  • Tariff type is now updated properly when changing from a service to a customer level tariff.
  • Updated Search function to include customers created via webservice into the search results.
  • Updated invoice retrieval process to always display correct read and billing period displayed in the back page of the invoice.
  • Updated invoice retrieval process to hide Unit, Quantity, and Rate for manual charges in the invoice.
  • The following updates have been implemented to enforce restrictions on setting final reads:
    • Added validation to the Final Read Date to be before or the same day with Moveout Date.
    • Validated reads import and add/update meter reads web service to not allow adding Final Read.
    • Deletion of Final Read via the UI or webservice is no longer allowed.
  • Updated bill run validation to exclude data from inactive customers and customers outside given cycle
  • Updated report “Meter Usage and Charges with Non Billable” to display the positive values if the meter has a rollover reading.
  • Enhancements in security implemented as a result of most recent security audit.