Release 6.0.133 now deployed to testing environments

Release 6.0.133 is now deployed to testing environments.


  • Support for meter rollover is now available in web app, web service, and imports. (Supported method: Usage Flat Rate.)

  • Allow transfer of customer to another bill cycle even if there is an uncommitted statement.
  • UI now displays engine version in addition to UI and DB versions.

  • Minor updates to Gas plan template.
  • Group settings can be applied as defaults on creation of new customer.

  • “HST” was added as a Tax Unit in Edit Group’s Locale Setting.

  • Locale settings info can now be retrieved as response from UtbSpotBill webservice.
  • Added alphabetical sort dropdown for Payment Batch report.
  • Updates for bar code functionality.


  • Modified incorrect company information in Active Customer report.
  • Updated to handle error during security deposit ‘Transfer’ operation.
  • Modified incorrect meter ID displayed in Meter report.
  • Updated rounding for amount during report download in excel and pdf format (all reports).
  • Recreated webservice user account fails after deletion from another group with the webservice enabled. This has been corrected.
  • Updated order of results in Prorated Tariff Data import.
  • Updated late payment calculation for [1] customers where current payments are also allocated to previous statements, [2] partial payments of unpaid latest statement.
  • Unit type kWh was labeled as “Kilowatt per Hr”. Updated to “Kilowatt Hour” on all environments.
  • Added street number from the supply address in Meter Read Sheet report.
  • Modified import of General Services to support values that contains zero(0) e.g. 101, 1000, 10001.
  • Electricity Statement Breakdown by Customer report to display usage even if there are no previous reads available.
  • Updated roll back to include previous statements as long as the statement to roll back is the maximum statement of the customers in that statement.
  • Life Support toggle is changed after saving other modified customer details.