Release 6.0.131 now deployed to testing environments

Release 6.0.131 now deployed to testing environments.


  • Now you can control how much self-enablement is active in your customer portal you can turn the following on or off.
    • Move out
    • Modify contact details
    • Change bill delivery choices.

  • We have implemented a new gas service including:
    • sell service screen
    • manage service screen
    • some additional billing options.

  • Introduced a place to store a Collections contact in Edit Group screen.
  • Added option in customer Settings tab to enable spot bill. This enables meter readers using the iPad app the ability to issue a bill on the spot rather than running all as a batch from your office.

  • Dashboard
    • We changed the line graph to bar graph in Usage Profile page in Customer Portal.
    • We changed the line graph to a bar graph in group Dashboard.

  • We included “Change meter”  as another option during move out operation to cater for customers who need to do meter swaps.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where the downloaded invoice PDF template was not the same with the selected invoice template under certain conditions.
  • Resolved an issue where physical suburb was not shown in the Aged Receivables by Tran Date report.
  • Resolved an issue where manual charges were included in Usage Graph Details which resulted in multiple instances of reading. Now there is one value per tariff code even if multiple charges exist for the same tariff code.
  • Resolved an issue where calculations were incorrect for a customer who had overpaid previously, and also paid in full before due date.
  • Resolved an issue in Statement Variance report to show comparison of previous month usage and charges to current month.
  • Resolved an issue where report page loads very slow while handling lots of data.
  • Resolved an issue in customer portal where usage profile page did not show correct data if the customer has more than one meter.
  • Resolved an issue where order of customer ID was incorrectly sorted in the merged PDF download file.
  • Resolved an issue where bill run could not be executed because a previous statement was not committed.