Release 6.0.130 now deployed to testing environments

Release 6.0.130 now deployed to testing environments.


  • New operations are added to Spot Billing web service API: get groups, get routes, get meter details by route, add/update meter readings, add/update bulk meter readings.
  • Batch number support is added to Payment imports function.
  • Contact logs are now supported for the following webservice APIs:
    • meter create, update, and move out
    • meter readings addition, update, and deletion
    • link and unlink bill run cycle operation
    • customer create/update/cancel operation.
  • A separate Meter Reading Sheet report is created for flat rate meters. This report only has a route drop down.

  • Move-out & Transfer enhancement ensures that the appropriate fields are displayed depending on the usage type (Water or Electricity service). Fields related to water service-related methods are also displayed.

  • Other new reports are added:
    • Water Statement Breakdown report shows the statement value, usage, and status for water customers.
    • Billing Summary report shows summary for most recent statement by Customer Type.
    • Rate Plan Summary report shows summary for most recent statement by Rate Code.
    • Meter report shows all water meters for the group.
    • Meters Without Account report shows all meters that do not have accounts attached to them.
    • new accounts receivable report is created that lists all customers in the system that either have a non-zero balance or are active.

Bug Fixes

  • Modified rollback function to populate unallocated payment values correctly.
  • Allocations only appear for tariff charges–this is now changed.
  • Meter data does not populate for customer who may be included in statement run but has subsequently moved out–data will only report for active customer. This behavior has been removed.
  • Updated error handling for when start date and end date are not chosen for reports that require dates range.
  • The customer is created successfully but customer type is not displayed. This behavior has been corrected.
  • Enabled the charge description to contain a single quote which is not handled in java script function properly.
  • Reads where not being displayed correctly in the invoice for customers who are billed for the first time with their assigned meters. This has been corrected.
  • Updated results display when ‘All’ option is selected in Payment Batch report.
  • Updated auto allocations to support the scenario where there are no statements.
  • Negative consumption is shown on graphs after meter has rolled over. This is modified to show correct consumption data.
  • Display the street number in Meter Reading Sheets report.
  • Adding “Life Support” as comment creates a Life Support contact log even if Life Support setting has not been modified. This behavior has been corrected.