Release 6.0.129 now deployed to testing environments


  • New report Meter Usage and Charges By Lessee shows all charges and total usage by Lessee for a given statement
  • Added Company Name column to Meter Usage and Charges by Customer report.

Bug Fixes

  • Refactoring the current allocation method–as it didn’t always allocate to previous statements to spec. Fixed this to ensure accurate allocations.
  • When creating a positive adjustment for a customer, the UI failed when no previous statement has been run. Fixed this issue to be able to add positive adjustments before any statement has been run.
  • Fixed bug that created duplicate contact logs in Customer Portal. This bug occured when 2 new workflow types with same first letter are created and appeared in a customer portal context.
  • Unallocated amounts in transactions were not reset if payments were deleted under the specific condition that auto allocation is enabled.