Release 6.0.125 now deployed to testing environments

Release 6.0.125 has now been deployed to testing environments.


  • Customized Aged Receivables by Transaction Date report (Malaysia customers only).
  • Added service address per meter to Static Prepaid Meters report.
  • Added Bill Run Cycle field for calculating and applying Penalties.

Bug Fixes

  • In certain circumstances, Usage is not shown in invoice.
  • Meter Reads tab showing reads from previous customer.
  • Final bill shows current reading entered after disconnection date–should show reading before or on disconnection date.
  • Create tiered tariff popup freezes and re-creates the tariff multiple times.
  • Transactions duplicated in the Prepaid Transaction report.
  • The HTML Invoice PDF is deleted after sending invoice via email.
  • Customers can be assigned to multiple billing cycles.