Release 6.0.124 now deployed to testing environments

Release 6.0.124 is now deployed to testing environments.


  • Additional security deposit calculations are added (Malaysia only).
  • Support for import/export of automated meter reading files.
  • Initial UI support for Grease Trap Fee rating method that allows charging based on the number of grease trap units.
  • Initial UI support for Winter Average rating method that allows charging based on winter averages rather than actual usage from meters.

  • Initial UI support for Multi-Unit rating method that allows charging based on number of units.
  • Group name added to the reports’ title (EDP only).
  • Added High/Lo reading button to enable updating High/Lo reading before running meter data export.
  • Added Set Cut-Off Date field to Calculate Penalties page.

  • Added option to view and download archived invoices from the customer portal (PNG only).
  • Support generation of token ID for Ezidebit through web service.

Bug Fixes

  • Rollback procedure updated to delete affected entries from allocations table.
  • Late Fee calculations should take into account partial payments.
  • Updating a tariff during rate plan creation will delete that tariff from the plan.
  • Tariffs belonging to similar charge types should be displayed under one table after publishing the plan.
  • Move in and move out dates are not handled properly according to the locale settings when using the web service API.
  • Payment method info was lacking in the Prepaid Transaction report.
  • When adding/editing meter reads of same read date, the 2nd added/edited read would exist in DB but filtered to not display in UI.
  • Increased security for password updates included in the contact logs.
  • PDF Invoice is blank for 1 out 4 for customers in a billing cycle.
  • Optimized penalty calculation as the calculation time for 5000 customers takes too long.
  • The stacked bar graph checkbox in Invoice Setup should be unchecked by default.
  • Billed reads (meter reads, demand reads, KVARH reads) should not be deleted or modified.