Release 6.0.123 now deployed to testing environments

Release 6.0.123 is now deployed to testing environments.


  • Web service API for Manual Charge now sets default tax setting to YES.
  • Additional validation is added for updating service Pro Rata Date.
  • Additional validation for Pro Rata Date field when creating service (especially if meter was previously moved out). Pro Rata Date cannot be before the last move-out date of the meter.
  • Contact/Audit logs are now created for the customer during Payment Import and Payment Import Rollback.
  • Web service now has tax code enabled by default along with support for new tag Apply Tax.
  • Added pro rata options to Plan Tariff Summary Report.


  • Added Cycle Name as a parameter for Meter Reading Sheet report.


  • Renamed “Cancel Customer” button to “Deactivate Customer” button in customer’s Details tab.
  • New Customer Type “Vacant” has been added.
  • Late Fee is now supported.

Bug Fixes

  • The Add Reads pop out screen has fields for Flat meter configuration even if the meter is in POS configuration.
  • Web Service can add manual charge even if the code does not exist in the group, generating a new code instead.
  • Errors are displayed when saving the once-off charge without the units’ value.
  • Rate should not contain “$” symbol and should be appended by “%” symbol instead.
  • The On-going, Prorata, Period of Charge, Number of Periods fields were not being saved when importing Recurring Charges.