Release 6.0.122 now deployed to testing environments

Release 6.0.122 is now deployed to testing environments.  See below for enhancements and fixes.


  • ‘Reason’ text field is updated to be required for Delete Payment.
  • Bill Run search results updated to: sort data by statement number in descending order, and show all statements including those statements where all customer’s current charge is 0.
  • Payment Import update to ensure new column “Auto Allocate” will not interfere with backward compatibility to old template.
  • Contact logs are now generated when sending reminders and invoice via email.
Reason for payment deletion

Reason for payment deletion

Sample text of contact log for reminder email

Sample text of contact log for reminder email

Bug Fixes

  • There are unnecessary items included in the list of workflow settings.
  • Nothing happens when clicking send invoice via email.