Release 6.0.121 now deployed to testing environments

Release 6.0.121 is now deployed to testing environments.  See below for enhancements and fixes.


  • Dashboard Panel calculation updated to reflect real-time overdue charges.
  • Pay Now Image URL input is added to enable customization of Pay Now Image.
  • Results of email sending to customers after a bill run are now generated as a contact log per customer.
  • Added validation for Move Out Date to be on or after the latest read date of the meter.
  • Added contact logs during move out and move out & transfer of service, pro-rata date update.
  • Added new columns Sub Type, Sub No, Customer ID number to Meter Read Sheets report.
  • Added alternative customer number column in search results display.
  • Supported print receipt function for security deposit.




  • Gateway Timeout error when downloading report: Sales Report – Monthly RM and Unit (Malaysia Specific).
  • Fix incorrect charge in Meter Usage and Charges By Customer Report.
  • Gateway Timeout error when doing Once-Off Charge import.
  • Add bill run cycle popup fails to load.
  • Incorrect generation of information in Sales Report RM and Sales Report Unit (Malaysia Specific).
  • Physical Address should be updated with input values from user, and not values from Billing Address.
  • Due date is updated even though there is an error in bill run.
  • Incorrect amount displayed in Bill Run Search Results.