Release 6.0.120 now deployed to testing environments

Release 6.0.120 is now deployed to testing environments.  See below for enhancements and fixes.


  • Allocations now supports adjustment transactions. This is particularly useful in scenarios where customers have been invoiced, made a payment but need adjustments on, for example penalties. So one scenario might be the customer comes into make a payment and provides good reason for the penalty to be waived. The (under)payment plus the adjustment will ensure the allocations balance.
  • You can now Delete a payment.We previously did not allow this but due to customer demand have made it available. This is only for users with Admin access to avoid opening your self up to internal fraud.
  • New function of “Minimum days to bill” input allows provider to choose how many days of usage are required before a customer can be billed. If the two readings’ gap (previous and current) being calculated in the current bill run are less than the number of minimum days set, that customer will not receive a bill. This is in line with some territories that have this regulatory obligation.


Bug Fixes

  • Customer Added report has been enhanced.