Basic Customer Portal Guide: User Interface

The Customer Portal Settings enables users to customise the display of sections within the Customer Portal.

Users can locate the Customer Portal Settings by clicking the Admin tab, then selecting Customer Portal Settingslocated under the Miscellaneous Section heading.



The Customer Portal Settings screen contains three specific areas:

  • Customer Portal Settings
  • FAQ Page Editor
  • Work Flow Settings



1. Customer Portal Settings:



The Company Log URL is where users should input their preferred company Logo URL to ensure display on Customer Portal. It will be located at the top left hand corner in the Customer Portal.


The Pay Now URL is where users should input their previously set up Customer Payment Link, which enables customers quick access to online payment facilities.


Users can retrieve this URL, by clicking the Admin tab and selecting Group Payment, located under the Payment Gateway section heading.


Users can scroll down to the Customer payment Page section to obtain the URL.


It is important that users remove the Group No. from the copied URL before selecting Save.



Users can check all modifications made to the Customer Portal by selecting Go to Customer Portal at any time. (This will only be possible if at least one customer’s portal access has been activated).



FAQ Page Editor


Users can cultivate their own brand of FAQ’s by exploring the text settings and insert options.


Once satisfied users can select Save Page.



Work Flow Settings


Customer Portal set up options include the requirement to define the Work Flow Contact Log options available for customers to select from.

This allows customers using the Customer Portal interface to log complaints, provide feedback, advise of payments, as well as many other options.


The Workflow Settings lists Contact Log details by:

  • Description: This will be visible to all customers accessing the Customer Portal and can be modified in Workflow Types.
  • Icon: Only users will ever see contact log icons as they do not show up in the customer portal.
  • Priority: This refers to the degree of urgency required to investigate or resolve a raised contact log and is only visible to users.
  • Action days: Corresponding to Priority, this displays an allowance in working days for contact log investigations.
  • Assigned to user: Users can assign an agent to manage each specific contact log received.
  • Status: Enabled contact log types will be available in Customer Portal contact us page form.
  • Action:This enables users to make modifications to each contact log listed and to enable or disable its Customer Portal Visibility. Users must ensure they press Save after any change made.



Customer Portal View:

When a customer logs into their customer portal, they will be greeted with a dashboard which will display any raised contact logs, called workflow Tickets.


Every Work Flow Ticket raised and visible on the Portal dashboard will display:

  • Ticket No
  • Description
  • Date Created
  • Status: Option or Closed


To raise a Work Flow Ticket, customer can select Contact Us, a button located at the left hand side of the dashboard.


This will generate the Send Us a Message screen and customers can select the appropriate Work Flow Ticket type by selecting the Message Type drop down arrow:


Once a message has been successfully sent, the assigned user will receive a notification.


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