Advanced Customer Portal Guide: Customer Interface

After logging into their account, customers will be greeted with a dashboard display.


There is a Navigation List located to the left of the screen. This is always visible visible for customers to select from.


The Dashboard displays:

  • The number of services a customer has.


  • The connection status of their services.


  • The current account balance.


  • Online Payment link


  • Monthly Statement Graph depicting dollar value


  • List of Work Flow Tickets


Services Screen


Customers can see an overview of all details pertaining to their service(s)

  • Meter Number
  • Meter Address
  • Type
  • Move in Date
  • Move out Date
  • Action

The red Action button enables customers to provide their retailer with a final read.



Charges Screen:


The screen displays all customer charges that have appeared on received invoices.

Customers can see all listed charges in the following order:

  • Statement Number
  • Meter Number
  • Rollup Description
  • Charge Description
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Units
  • Charge


Statement Screen:


This screen provides access to all received invoices and lists related information in the following categories:

  • Statement No: Customers can click the Blue Statement no box to download a copy of the invoice.
  • Issue Date
  • Due Date
  • previous Balance
  • Payments
  • Adjustments
  • Carried Forward
  • Current Charges
  • Current Balance
  • Tax

Customers can download each invoice by clicking on the blue button containing the Statement No.


Transactions Screen:


The Transaction Screen displays a customer’s complete transaction history.

Information is listed in the following categories:

  • Date
  • Description
  • Amount
  • Payment Method
  • Comments

Customers can also access the online payment screen by selecting the Pay my bill button.



Usage Profile:


This screen provides customers with a graph display of their monthly usage.

Customer are to select the service, year and month applicable and then must select Get Usage.


This will populate a graph of the specified month’s usage.


  • The x axis represents the date each reading took place
  • The y axis represents the meter reading taken on advised date

For example:

A reading of 800 was taken on the 24th of September in 2016 for meter number 1010101.


Account Details


The account details screen enables customers to update their personal, company and billing address details. Customers must select Save changes to protect any changes made.


This screen also enables customers to change their password. To make this change, customers must select Change Password. 



Service Settings screen:


This screen enables customers to make changes to their billing preference; email or post.

Customer must select Save Changes to protect their updated preference.



Help and FAQ screen:


The FAQ screen will reflect all FAQ’s added to the section by users.

For assistance in managing the customer portal FAQ’s, please visit:

Can users add their own Company FAQ’s to the platform?



Contact us Screen:


This screen allows customers to log complaints, provide feedback, advise of payments, as well as many other options. These messages are referred to as Contact Logs.

Customers can select the Message Type drop down arrow to select the type of Contact Log appropriate.


For assistance in managing customer portal Contact Log’s, please visit:

Workflow types in the customer portal

Logout Screen:

This screen will take the customer out of their portal, back to their login screen.



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