Braintree Payment integration

Braintree is now integrated with
Utilities can now plug in their braintree account details and immediately start receiving credit card payments from their end users.
The Braintree offering provides the following;
1) Credit Card payments over the phone
2) Credit Card payments in the system
3) Credit card Payments provided on a payment page on your website
4) Automated direct debit drawn down on the due date each month.

What is Bioenergy?

It’s no secret that global energy shortages are causing problems for countries, greatly contributing to the rise in greenhouse gas emissions that threaten the environment, and increasing the cost of utilities. Growth in global population and in the technology industry has significantly increased the demand for energy around the world. In addition, as the economies of developing countries grow, so does their demand for energy. One solution to help decrease the damage done to the environment and to take advantage of a secure and renewable energy source is to harness bioenergy.

Why Conserve Water and How To Do It?

While it’s true that a majority of the world is covered with water, most of that water isn’t usable. Although 70% of the world’s surface is covered by water, 97.5% of that is saltwater. Of the total water resources on earth, only 1% is available for human use. This measly 1% is needed for use by every single living thing on earth. Sadly, even less of that percentage is truly available because of leakage and pollution. In developed countries, leaks are a leading cause of the loss of fresh water resources, while pollution plagues usable water in many developing countries.


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