What is Bioenergy?

It’s no secret that global energy shortages are causing problems for countries, greatly contributing to the rise in greenhouse gas emissions that threaten the environment, and increasing the cost of utilities. Growth in global population and in the technology industry has significantly increased the demand for energy around the world. In addition, as the economies of developing countries grow, so does their demand for energy. One solution to help decrease the damage done to the environment and to take advantage of a secure and renewable energy source is to harness bioenergy. Bioenergy is a type of energy generated from biomass fuels, which are any organic material that has stored sunlight in the form of chemical energy. Biomass can be derived from wood, maize, soybeans, sugar-cane, food and organic waste, along with many other renewable sources. Bioenergy is more versatile than other renewable resources such as wind and solar energy because biomass is easily stored and transported. The use of bioenergy for heat, electricity and transportation has increased majorly in the past few years. The lowered emission of regulated air pollutants along with the renewability of bioenergy makes it a great substitute for conventional energy sources.

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