Braintree Payment integration

Braintree is now integrated with Utilities can now plug in their braintree account details and immediately start receiving credit card payments from their end users. The Braintree offering provides the following; 1) Credit Card payments over the phone 2) Credit Card payments in the system 3) Credit card Payments provided on a payment page on your website 4) Automated direct debit drawn down on the due date each month. For more information about braintree or to signup for your braintree account click here

Why Conserve Water and How To Do It?

While it’s true that a majority of the world is covered with water, most of that water isn’t usable. Although 70% of the world’s surface is covered by water, 97.5% of that is saltwater. Of the total water resources on earth, only 1% is available for human use. This measly 1% is needed for use by every single living thing on earth. Sadly, even less of that percentage is truly available because of leakage and pollution. In developed countries, [...]

What is Bioenergy?

It’s no secret that global energy shortages are causing problems for countries, greatly contributing to the rise in greenhouse gas emissions that threaten the environment, and increasing the cost of utilities. Growth in global population and in the technology industry has significantly increased the demand for energy around the world. In addition, as the economies of developing countries grow, so does their demand for energy. One solution to help decrease the damage done to the environment and to take [...]

Electricity billing Software UI3 Release

After a solid 9 months in the development buildings Utilibill have been quietly working away at releasing what we are touting as a game changing Utilities billing platform. Unlike anything in the space today, Utilibill's UI3 is a lightweight version of the highly configurable Utilibill Version 5 platform. After nearly 8 years of providing highly customised software to each customer Utilibill have released a new platform which has been heavily stripped. We've bought this system back to basics. We have a [...]

Alert Notifications

Keep your customers informed of their usage while complying with the new TCP code. Utilibill has developed tools required to both keep your customer informed of their usage profile and ensure you conform to the new TCP code of conduct. Customers can configure their own alert notifications screens and ensure the complaints about bill shock are never aimed at your business.

Understanding the Typical Electricity Bill

The dreaded electricity bill comes in the mail every month or every quarter, depending who you are and where you are. A homeowner opens it up and sees all the text spread out among the pages. The ending balance accumulates with each line. Have you ever stopped to wonder what these charges actually mean? An electric bill usually breaks down into three different categories of charges. Delivery Charges Delivery charges account for the energy transporting from the provider to the customer. These [...]

Provisioning Integration

You and your customers want to minimise the effort required to obtain a service, activate it and initiate billing. At Utilibill we have a radical approach to "Self Enablement" that is to enable the service provider and or the end customer to activate a given service. Of course this requires direct API integration into the service provider or hardware vendor you are actioning. As a result we have a dedicated team of developers and business analyst feverishly working away [...]